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SF-LOVERS Digest V6 #69 [message #8093] Wed, 01 August 2012 01:49
Originally posted by: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:UNKNOWN:sf-lovers
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Posted: Fri Nov  5 12:13:58 1982
Received: Sat Nov  6 06:14:40 1982

>From SFL@SRI-CSL Fri Nov  5 12:05:27 1982

SF-LOVERS Digest              Tuesday, 2 Nov 1982           Volume 6 : Issue 69

Today's Topics:
    Authors - Moorcock
    T.V.    - HHGttG in Philly, N.Y, Conn, etc.
    Movies  - Star Trek, Jedi
    Humor   - Sub-Ethernet from Digital

Date: 31 Oct 1982 1745-PST
Subject: Moorcock
From: Mike Leavitt 

I have long felt Moorcock to be mostly empty of interesting ideas in his
pursuit of his "new wave" ego trips.  I surprised myself when I picked up a
book of his called \The Swords Trilogy/ recently, and surprised myself even
more when I read it all (400 pages) and enjoyed it.  It is rather good Swords
and Sorcery stuff with a believable hero, an interesting set of quests, and a 
rather neat tie-up-the-strings ending.  It also has a particularly believable
bit where Moorcock brings in some heros from previous books to solve a
difficult problem.  A fine airplane read (The Swords Trilogy, Berkley
medallion, 1977, ISBN 0-425-03468-2)



Date: 28 Oct 82 15:39:15-EDT (Thu)
From: David Axler 
Subject: HHGttG @ Phila

Philly fans of Zaphod should know that the BBC-TV version will be running on 
our local PBS affiliate (Channel 12, WHYY-tv), beginning on Tuesday, Nov. 9, at
10:00 P.M. EST, and continuing on Tuesdays (same time, station, &c) thereafter.


Date: 1 Nov 1982 1700-EST
From: Margot 
Subject: Hitch Hiking in NY & Conn

Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy starts on Thu, Nov 4, 8:00pm on Channel 13 in
New York, repeating on Sunday, 10:30pm.

It started on Sat, October 80, 11:00pm on Channel 24/49/65 on Connecticut
Public TV.


Date: 2 Nov 1982 0803-PST
From: Brent Hailpern 
Subject: Re: SF-LOVERS Digest Vol 6, #67

HGTTG premiers in New York on Wednesday, Nov. 3 - channel 13


Date:  1 Nov 1982 2246-PST
From: Henry W. Miller 
Subject: Star Trek, the command console

        I have come to the conclusion that the command console prefix code
feature was added sometime between the M5 incident ("The Ultimate Computer")
and "The Wrath of Kahn".

        I just saw a repeat of "The Doomsday Machine", where Kirk stays on the
crippled Constellation until the last second, steering it down the planet
eaters throat.

        If the command console prefix existed at that point in time, they
should have been able to steer the ship by remote control.  But, then again,
that wouldn't be exciting enough.

(P.S.  That brings up another point.  Cmmdr. Decker dies in an attempt to
destroy the thing, and his son, Will Decker is "absorbed" by V'ger in "Star
Trek: The Motion Picture."  What will the next Star Trek movie be?  Why, "The
Revenge of Mrs. Decker", of course.



Date: 1 Nov 1982 12:05:32 CST (Monday)
From: Mike Meyer 
Subject: RotJ

Obviously, revenge would only be appropriate if the Jedi in question had/was 
succombed/ing to the dark side of the force. How many Jedi Knights do we know 
who have this problem?

        From our Engineering Net.  (You can tell that they're really working on on it.
Racquetball courts indeed!)




End of SF-LOVERS Digest
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