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SF-LOVERS Digest Vol 6, #66 [message #7034] Tue, 31 July 2012 00:04
Originally posted by: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:UNKNOWN:sf-lovers
Article-I.D.: ucbvax.9063
Posted: Sun Oct 31 22:49:33 1982
Received: Mon Nov  1 03:42:17 1982

>From SFL@SRI-CSL Tue Oct 26 22:04:34 1982

SF-LOVERS Digest          26-Oct-82	       Volume 6 : Issue 66

Today's Topics:
   Authors - Docking in PODKAYNE, Moorcock & music, Bastable
   Queries - computer-written story, SF opera, DEC WARS, Worm Wars game
   T.V.    - HHGttG in Los Angeles and Chicago
   Movies  - Revenge of the Jedi
   Misc    - Filksongs from Usenet


Date: 25 Oct 1982 10:49:33-EDT
From: csin!cjh at CCA-UNIX
Subject: docking in PODKAYNE

   My initial argument about the energy inefficiencies of this method
is probably irrelevant in view of the fact that the ship somehow has
energy to burn (it takes high-speed trajectories between planets,
rather than Hohmann orbits), but there is a more important factor:
given RAH's description of the first-class passengers, how do you
think they would like being weightless for several hours (the time
necessary for either boarding or debarking)? Also, most of the
[lower]-deck people have kids and many have babies---remember how
chaotic it was in the storm shelters when they had to shut down the
spin just for a few minutes?  Granted, RAH assumes (by my
recollection) that Phobos will be effectively zero-gee, although he
doesn't deal with (for instance) the difficulty of inspecting the
contents of a well-packed suitcase when said contents have no
motivation to stay put. I simply don't think he thought this through
(or any of the rest of this book, for that matter) very well.
   I've twice been through the debarkation procedures of a major ocean
liner (to which RAH makes many analogies which seem valid to me) and
the increase in chaos caused by attempting to do anything in zero-gee
in a ship designed for centrifugal gravitation is likely to be


Date: 26 Oct 1982 09:47 EDT
From: Heiny.Henr at PARC-MAXC
Subject: re: Michael Moorcock  

Moorcock is the only writer I can think of who is extensively involved
in popular music.  As well as "Veteran of the Psychic Wars", he has
worked with the British group Hawkwind (sometimes called The Hawkwind
Orchestra), and may have been a member of a band called Deep Fix.

Moorcock wrote a book called "The Time of the Hawklords" around
himself and Hawkwind.  I don't remember who published it, but the
cover art and blurb (like so many) had little relation to the book.
(The art consisted mainly a distorted picture of some singers and a
spaceship.  I don't remember any spaceship in the book.)  The central
characters are the members of the band, while Moorcock appears in a
more peripheral role as The Acid Sorcerer and a member of a band
called Deep Fix.

References to Hawkwind, besides "The Time of the Hawklords", occur in
the Jerry Cornelius series and more obscurely in "The Dancers at the
End of Time" series.  Jerry Cornelius is a member of band called Deep
Fixx or Deep Fix (the first may be a typo) in some of books of the
tetralogy.  It is described as being much like Pink Floyd.

There are also references to Hawkwind and Deep Fix(x) in the movie
"The Last Days of Man on Earth", an adaptation of "The Final
Programme" made about 1977.

Does any one out there know of a book called the Lives and Times of
Jerry Cornelius?  I have heard rumors, and it was listed in Books in
Print for about a year, but whenever I tried to order it, the
publisher (I don't recall who) replied that it was not yet published.
The most detailed reply I got (mid 1981) was that it would be
"published soon".

For all you time voyagers out there, there is a new Oswald Bastable
book just out.  "The Steel Tsar" (DAW, $2.25) puts Bastable in a world
where the Bolshevik revolution never occured.

					Chris Heiny


Date: 26 Oct 1982 1259-PDT
From: GUNS at SRI-KL
Subject: identification of a "computer written" story
cc: guns at SRI-KL

A friend is trying to find a story for use in a paper.

Can anyone identify the title or author of a fairly recent novel or
short story at the end of which is a short computer-generated story.
(At least the claim was that it was computer generated.)  The story
describes the computer's role in society in the first person.  James
Hogan seemed the obvious possibility, but he could not find it there. 

Please respond to Guns@sri-kl or to Dave Kolbus at SRI (415-859-2802 or
SRI, Room IS207, Menlo Park by "snailmail".)


Date: Saturday, 23 October 1982  22:23-EDT
From: Mike Blackwell 
Subject: SF Rock

Another good example that I can think of is "2112" by Rush. It's the
entire first side of the 2112 LP, and is based on one of Anne Rand's
novels (Atlas Shruged, maybe?). Very good.



Date: 26 Oct 1982 1244-PDT
Subject: Search for an old item - Star Wars parody
From: WMartin at Office-8 (Will Martin)

Back when SW first came out, and SFL had all that discussion on
it, someone submitted an item which was a parody of the scene
where Princess Leia transmits the Death Star plans to the rebels.
It was written with all the data communications jargon and
problems we all know and love (koff!); things about parity
errors, changing data speeds, etc.  Does anyone have that
on-line?  If so, please mail me a copy.  If anyone knows which
back issue of SFLovers it was in, I'd appreciate a pointer to the
volume & number.

Thanks much!

Will Martin

[There is something called DEC WARS. It is available on SRI-CSL in
DECWARS.;1. --ed.]


Date: 24-Oct-82 12:24-PDT
From: DAUL at OFFICE  
Subject: WORM WARS (Computer generated graphics?)

Last night I saw a commercial for a new Atari game cartridge call WORM
WARS.  The animation of the add looked like it was done by the same
folks that did TRON.  Even in black and white it look very impressive
of the TV.  Does anyone know this add was done?  --Bi<<


Date:      24 Oct 82 23:11:33-PST (Sun)
From:      Iglesias.UCI at Rand-Relay
Subject:   HHGttG

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy will be on in the Los Angeles area
on channel 28 (KCET) on Saturday at 10pm.  The original radio series will
be on KCRW 89.9 FM starting Friday November 5 at 930pm.


Date: 25 Oct 1982 16:20:55-EST
From: Christopher A Kent 
Subject: At last, HHGTTG comes to Chicago

The first episode of the TV version of the Hitchiker's Guide to the
Galaxy will air on WTTW, Channel 11, this Sunday (Oct 31) at 10PM CST.
The time switch happens this weekend, so that makes it 11PM EST for
those of us in Indiana who get WTTW by cable (and means that Dr. Who
won't be on till Midnite....ugh).



Date: 26 Oct 1982 1434-EDT
From: TYG at MIT-OZ at MIT-MC
Subject: Revenge of the Jedi

While driving down Memorial Drive a few nights ago, i tuned into the NPR
adaptation of Star Wars just in time to hear Obi-Wan tell Luke::
"Revenge is not the way of the Jedi.  Sucombing to such base emotions leads
to the dark side of the force".


tom galloway


Date:     26 Oct 82 14:31:07-EDT (Tue)
From:     Will Martin (DRXAL-FD) 
Subject:  Filksongs

Here are some filksongs from USENET:

>From esquire!harpo!ihps3!ixn5c!inuxc!inuxd!aka779 Fri Oct 22 23:23:49 1982
Subject: SF Filksong Collection:  No. 1 of ?
Newsgroups: net.sf-lovers

Beginning with this contribution, and depending on the response,
I plan to distribute a sampling of the parody songs put on by the
Circle of Janus SF Club of Indianapolis, IN. Tonight's selection
is from the 1980 play, UP THE CREEK, done
in honor of Philip Jose Farmer, the Guest of Honor that year.

[To the tune of Camelot]

(copyright 1980 by AKAndrews, Sr.)


sung by Sir Richard Francis Burton who awakes on Riverworld and
finds that he is surrounded entirely by SF fans...

I've awakened by a slowly flowing river.
I see giant mushrooms each topped by a can.
And as these scattered bodies round me gather.
I see that we're all fans.
Somehow this scene is strange, yet still famiiliar
As in some dream ssome long lost memory swirled.
Yes, a book by some weird Spanish farmer.
This must be Riverworld!
Riverworld! Riverworld!
When all fankind is oneday resurrected
By a river that is serpentinely curled
Why then my friend it may well be suspected
We're on Riverworld!

Each day the grailstones split the dawn with thunder
Be sure to get your goodies in your pail
And meanwhile if you touch it through a blunder
You get burnt to hell!

Riverworld ! Riverworld!
Though it may give a person paws
On Riverworld! Riverworld!
Philip Farmer wrote thelaws!
Every person who has ever loved science fiction
Is gathered here, yes every chap and churl
For the biggest of the really big conventions
On Riverworld!
desires of fans are granted to a T here
Our pails get filled with books and bheer and gin
And if we gafiate or just OD here
We get born again !

[interrupted by script]

There're more, folks, so standy by while we adjust your set.

--Arlan Andrews, Indy

>From esquire!cmcl2!floyd!harpo!ihps3!ixn5c!inuxc!inuxd!aka779 Sun Oct 24 00:04:32 1982
Subject: SF Filk No. 2 of many...
Newsgroups: net.sf-lovers

In response to the letter that poured in, here is another filksong 
from the Circle of Janus players, also known as the
It's Not OUr Fault Players.  This is a selection from this year's


          copyright 1982


Arlan Keith Andrews, Sr.

:Tune: Aquarius]

[Sung by Cutup, the elf tribe chieftain, in the introductory scene]

Once we elves
Were driven from our home
By human hate and human fear
They didn't like
Our laid back life style
And they didn't like=
The shape of our ears!
This is the story of the Elf Trek adventurers
The ElfTrek adventurers

Hello, there, my name is Cutup
I'm the leader of this elf tribe
Like for you to meet the wife and kiddos
Lead On's her name
Sunburn, Sparky
And here's my friend, Skysagan
who knows facts by the billions
e're ElfTrek adventuers

Standby for No. 3, which will be another from last year's

[By the way, one of this year's ElfTrek songs made it to the big time--
WOLF [tune of " Hair"]was published in the first issue of YEARNINGS,
a companion to Elf Quest, by WaRP Graphics, Poughkeepsie, NY --
Oooh, what phonetic spelling, but I don't have vi, and will not
back up to correct...
on the other hand, my local elf tells me that's close enough,
and anyhow, no one can spell New York names,
or what?

late on a Saturday nite....Arlan ..inuxd!aka779


End of SF-LOVERS Digest

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