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SF-LOVERS Digest Vol 6, #60 [message #7031] Tue, 31 July 2012 00:04
Originally posted by: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:UNKNOWN:sf-lovers
Article-I.D.: ucbvax.8906
Posted: Fri Oct 22 01:34:46 1982
Received: Sat Oct 23 01:27:47 1982

>From SFL@SRI-CSL Thu Oct 14 06:38:52 1982

SF-LOVERS Digest          14-Oct-82	       Volume 6 : Issue 60

Today's Topics:
    Space Patrol, Piers Anthony, Bladerunner violence & anachronism
    Raiders "lost scene", Adams & 42, SF book club, SF opera, Spock
    Luke's father & everything


Date: Tue Oct 12 1982 22:19:02 PDT
From: Lauren Weinstein 
Subject: Welcome Back SF-L and a query answered
To: lbl-unix!SF-LOVERS at SRI-CSL

Greetings!  All of us here at the Vortex are pleased to have SF-L
back with us.  

A recent digest asked about a late 50's/early 60's television
program that starred a character named "Corey" in a variety
of space/time adventures.  The only show I know of that fits
the bill is the famous "Space Patrol", which did indeed run
during that designated period.  Most of the shows were more
on the "space" theme, but it did cover alot of ground for the
time (and on a budget that would have made "Dr. Who" seem
well-endowed (so to speak) by comparison.)

The "USA Cable Network" currently carries "Space Patrol" as part of 
their (excellent) "Night Flight" program on Friday and Saturday
nights.  I believe that "Space Patrol" airs at around 11PM Eastern,
with a repeat about 3 hours later.  The show even includes the original
pitches trying to get kids to send in their quarters for the 
"monoview" cardboard space helmets ("you can see out but your enemies
can't see in...")  Priceless.

If your local cable doesn't carry USA Network, just aim your home
earth terminal at SATCOM IIIR and tune around -- you'll find it.

Once again:  "Welcome Back SF-LOVERS!"



Date:     13 Oct 82 01:37:29 EDT  (Wed)
From:     Chris Torek 
Subject:  Non-violent stories?
To:       sf-lovers at Sri-Csl

I suggest anyone interested in sf/fantasy in which the hero attempts
to reason out conflicts rather than battle them down read some of the
books by Piers Anthony.  Both his Xanth trilogy (five books now) and
his Double Exposure trilogy (only three books) fit this description.
Also of interest may be his Cluster trilogy (five books) and the
Orn/Omnivore/Ox trilogy (speaking of which, has anyone EVER seen all
three of these together at once?  I have a theory that one will be
eaten by the other two, at random, if they are all placed together.)
though it's been a while since I read these, and I'm not sure they fit
the requirements.

Anthony's main characters always seem to think with their brains
first, when possible.
					- Chris


Date:     12 Oct 82 20:39:55 EDT  (Tue)
From:     Paul R McMullin 
Subject:  the violence in Bladerunner
To:       sf-lovers at Sri-Csl, dunteman.wbst at Parc-Maxc

Go see Bladerunner, and decide for yourself. I personally abhor the
"violence-for-the-sake-of-blood-and-guts-on-the-screen" mentality, but
I didn't find Bladerunner near as objectional as I had been led to
believe it would be from the reviews in sf-lovers. All-in-all, I
thought that it was pretty good, and the violence WAS handled fairly
well in the context of the story.


Date:     12 Oct 82 08:43:13 EDT  (Tue)
From:     Andrew Scott Beals 
Subject:  anachronism in blade runner
To:       sf-lovers at Sri-Csl

Perhaps Deckert has a Smallpox vaccination scar because sometime in
his life, some terrorists broke into CDC or WHO labs, stole the virus,
demanded money, and then released it to the general population. I, for
one could definitely see this happening (for instance, it's believed
that the plague remains encysted in london's plague pits, and if
someone was insane enough (most terrorists are), he could get into
one, and hold his own mini biological war...).


Date:      12 Oct 82 20:55:16-PST (Tue)
From:      Stephen Willson 
To:        sf-lovers.uci at UDel-Relay
cc:        willson.uci at UDel-Relay
Subject:   The scene they left out of raiders of the lost ark

My friend Paul Clatworthy, presently of Wichita KS, sent me the
following, which will be of interest to sf-lovers readers, assuming
they can stomach yet-another-RotLA story:

"as described by Lawrence Kasdan, screenwriter on raiders
'American Film', April 1982, p. 13,28

'In the first draft of Raiders, Indiana Jones is flying from the United
States to Nepal.  He's on the plane and he goes to sleep.  There's
a normal complement of passengers--a little old lady, some tourists,
some Orientals.  While Indy's asleep, the crew and all the passengers
get up together, put on parachutes, and tiptoe out of the plane,
leaving him there alone.  The pilot has locked the cockpit, and the
plane is headed for Everest or some other notable mountain.  He wakes
up, looks around frantically, and pulls out an inflatable life raft.
He wraps it around his body while it's still uninflated and jumps
out of the plane, pulling the inflation cord, and bounces safely
down in the snow.  Then he rides down the mountain using the
raft as a sled.  After we looked at it, we thought maybe that was
over the line.'

(good thinking, Kaz, 'ol buddy.)


		Steve Willson


Date: Wednesday, 13 Oct 1982 11:20-PDT
To: sf-lovers at SRI-CSL
Subject: The Answer (to L, the U, and E)
From: obrien at RAND-UNIX

	I heard from a usually unimpeachable source (doesn't hold
office, can't be impeached) that when asked flat-out, "What's the
significance of 42, and where did you come up with it?", that Mr.
Adams replied to the effect that the British Medical Association's
guidelines on what to do after childbirth specify that the couple
should refrain from intercourse for six weeks post-partum.  That's 42


Date: Wednesday, 13 October 1982 19:19-PDT
From: KDO at SRI-KL
Cc: sf-lovers at MIT-AI
Subject: the Science Fiction Book Club

Yes, the SFBC is a good deal, especially if you like hardback books,
and are not such a snob that it upsets you for them to say "Science
Fiction Book Club edition" on them.  The normal deal is 5 books free
(or for $1) + about $3 postage and handling (and profit?) and then you
are required to buy 4 more within 6 months or a year.  Watch out - if
you are only getting 4 free you should look for a better offer.  I
believe it is possible to get a total of 6 free books under an
enroll-your-friend deal (member gets 1, friend gets 5).

Once you have bought your 4 books and quit, within a few months they
will probably send you a special rejoin-offer, involving 5 free books
and you only have to buy 1 more.



Date: 12 Oct 1982 2251-EDT
From: HEDRICK at RUTGERS (Mgr DEC-20s/Dir LCSR Comp Facility)
Subject: SF opera
To: sf-lovers at SRI-CSL

Someone has already mentioned Aniara.  (I have also forgotten the
composer, but I remember a name closer to Karl-Berger Blomdahl.)  In
addition to that, C. S. Lewis' Perelandra was also turned into an
opera.  The music was written by Swann (of the British comedy team
Flanders and Swann).  The only performance I ever heard of was done by
Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges jointly.  It did a fairly good job of
reproducing the effect of the novel.  However the person who prepared
the words made what most people regarded as a few unnecessary changes.
None of them caused changes in the plot or character.  But Lewis'
dialog was perfectly good, and one just wondered what the point was to
changing it.  I made the official recording of the performance, which
is why I happen to know about it.


Date: 12 Oct 1982 23:10:03 EST (Tuesday)
From: Mike Meyer 
Subject: Spock, Luke's father, and everything...
To: sf-lovers at sri-csl
Cc: mwm at OKC-UNIX

Let me see if I have this straight:

Spock a.k.a. Zaphod Beeblebrox the IV - last hope of the Jedi -  shot
J.R. Ewing, who is Luke's father.

Does that cover all the [bases]?



End of SF-LOVERS Digest

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