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SW Trivia Quiz - ANSWERS!!!! [message #65259] Sat, 18 May 2013 21:15
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Date: Tue, 10-Apr-84 12:40:34 EST
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Posted: Tue Apr 10 12:40:34 1984
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--------+====  (light sabre that bug!!)

   I'm sorry this took so long to get posted.  First, facilities 
   decided we needed to be moved.  It took almost 3 weeks to get
   the computer terminals installed.  Then, just after I had the
   answers typed in, the system crashed and was down for two days.
   I finally have enough time to retype this.  Please forgive me.

   The quiz is worth a total of 47 points as follows:
   9 points for #1 (1 for each line, 1 for each speaker,1 for each 
   10 points for #2 (same as above + there are two acceptable
     answers for TESB, if both are given, 1 point bonus)
   10 points for #3 (2 each for each correct answer, subtract
     1 point for every extra answer)
   8 points for #4 (same as above)
   10 points for #5.  Yes I know this was a trick question.  I give
     an explanation of this question when I give the answers.



1. What is the first spoken line in each of the three Star Wars
films?  Who said it? To whom?

2. What is the last spoken line in each of the three Star Wars
films?  Who said it?  To whom?

3. How many times is the line "I've got a bad feeling about this!"
said over the course of the three films?  When?  By whom?

4. How many times is the line "It's not my fault!" said over the
course of the three films?  When?  By whom?

5.  Most people know that James Earl Jones did the voice of Darth
Vader, even though David Prowse played the part.  However, there is
one scene where David Prowse's voice comes through.  When?  What
does he say?




NOTE: ANH refers to A New Hope, TESB refers to The Empire Strikes
Back, ROTJ refers to Return of the Jedi.

1. ANH: "Did you hear that? They'v shut down the main reactor!"C3P0
to R2D2.
   TESB: "Echo 3 to Echo 7, Han ol' buddy!" Luke to Han
   ROTJ: "Command Station, this is ST321 code clearance blue.  We
are starting our approach, deactivate the security shield." Darth
Vader's shuttle pilot to energy shield command station.

2. ANH: "He'll be alright" Luke to C3P0
   TESB: "Owww!" Luke to medic droid
         "Take care you two, May the Force be with you!" Luke to
Lando and Chewie.
    ROTJ: "He's my brother!" Leia to Han.

3. (5 times total)
    1. ANH, Luke when the Falcon is being dragged into the Death
    2. ANH, Han in the trash compactor.
    3. TESB, Leia when down the throat of the "asteroid creature".
    4. ROTJ, C3P0 just after entering Jabba's castle.
    5. ROTJ, Han about to be roasted by the Ewoks.

4. (4 times total)
    1. TESB, Han after leaving the asteroid belt when the Falcon
won't go into hyperdrive.
    2. TESB, same as above. (The line is "It's not my fault...It's
NOT My Fault!!!!")
    3. TESB, Lando upon leaving Bespin when the Falcon won't go
    4. ROTJ, Han to Jabba just after being thawed.

5. (10 points)
   This happened during the big fight scene between Luke and Darth
on Bespin in TESB.  Twice, David Prowse lets out a very audible
"Damn", once when he gets spun around after missing Luke, and once
when he gets pushed off a platform.  After seeing the footage, the
powers that be decided that the lines really didn't fit in, so they
were never over dubbed.  But, David had spoken so loud, they are not
completely covered by the music. 


May the Farce Be With You,
Marla S. Baer
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