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SF-LOVERS Digest V7 #31 [message #52053] Wed, 01 May 2013 14:31
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Date: Thu, 16-Jun-83 00:40:00 EDT
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Posted: Thu Jun 16 00:40:00 1983
Date-Received: Tue, 14-Jun-83 09:01:07 EDT
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From:  Craig W. Reynolds 

    Date: 8 Jun 83 15:41:14 PDT (Wednesday)
    From: Woods.PA@PARC-MAXC.ARPA
    The walkers are neat special effects -- a friend pointed out to me
    that, since they are always matted in, how did they film the scene
    where one of them drags a bunch of Ewoks on a rope?

I'll have to look at this sequence again, but wasn't it two shots?  I
seem to remember that first you see a long shot (such that the walker is
within the vertical dimension of the frame) then you see a medium shot
of the gang of hapless Ewoks, the rope and the lower part of the
walker's leg.  If that is the case, the long shot could have been fully
stop motion animation (no need for matte) with miniature Ewoks.  The
tighter shot would be done as live action with a full scale animated
prop for the leg, operated from a crane above the top of the frame.

I know that some of the "speeder bike zipping through the forest" stuff
(the non-POV parts) was done with miniture humans, bikes and trees.

    Date: 8 Jun 83 4:46:32-PDT (Wed)
    From: ihnp4!ih1ap!pat @ Ucb-Vax
    Has anyone an idea as to the identity of "BIGS" in the SW saga?  In
    the first SW film, Luke says, "BIGS was right, I'll never get out of
    here". This was in response to his Uncle Owen asking him to stay on
    one more year. I noticed in ROTJ that one or two references were
    also made about BIGS. I can not recall the context but has anyone
    else heard these?

I belive that "Bigs" ("Biggs"?, "Briggs"?) was a slightly older boyhood
friend of Luke back on Tatooine.  They both were heavily into flying and
Biggs had gone off planet to pursue it professionally -- perhaps as a
fighter pilot for the Rebels?  He had tried to convince Luke to come
with him.  These are vague recollections from the first novel.
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