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MSTing] Harry Potter and the Senshi's Circle [SM/HP/Ronin Warriors/DBZ] - Part 8 [message #44449] Sat, 23 March 2013 10:11
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> Ch. 9

TRACE : Um... Did we pass out and miss a chapter?
THE REP: [Off-screen] Um, no... It seems that the containment
units lost power last night and we had a data spill. Chapter 8 was
among the items lost. Sorry about that.
JOSH : Hey, don't apologize to us!
MARY JO: [muttering] And nothing of value was lost.
THE REP: What was that, Ms. Pehl?
MARY JO: Nothing! Nothing...

> You and I are the same


> In the way that we have our own styles


> That we won't change.


> Yours is filled evil and mine's not,


> There is no way I can lose.


> -Open your heart, Supersonic's theme

JOEL : This intro brought to you by the Lyrics Foundation. When
you've got nothing to say, say it with song lyrics!

> "Very good, Sailorneptune!" Professor Flitwick squeaked. "You've

> gotten it. They key to the 'Lovely Feeling' charm, students, isn't

> to imagine your target feeling it, but to be thinking of something

> you love yourself while performing the charm. Can anyone tell me

> why that is?

FRANK : Because Potterverse magic has no internal logic?

> Yes, Ms. Mars?"


> Mars smirked. "That's because love must be given freely before

> there is chance of having it returned, Professor."

TRACE : Thaaaat's not strictly true.

> "Quite right, Sailormars." He looked up as the bell sounded to end

> the class. "Oh my. Well, ten points to Hufflepuff for Neptune's

> performance of the charm, and ten to Slytherin for Mars' correct

> answer. You have your homework.

JOEL : [Flitwick] Now get out.

> Class dismissed."


> As Mars walked away from the class with a still fuming Malfoy, she

> thought that the boy himself could do with a dose of the charm

> herself. He muttered to himself under his breath about the

> unfairness of the situation, of how Chibimoon should be his and

> not some snot-nosed little brat who wasn't even a wizard and

> younger than him to boot. Mars sighed,

JOSH : [Mars] What spell did someone use to turn the real Draco
Malfoy into this lovesick pseudo-pedo o/~

> wondering if she should mention that Gohan was, in fact, a

> prominent member of The Earth's Special Forces and therefore was a

> key reason why Malfoy was still alive and breathing.

TRACE : And could fix that in an eye blink, should he choose.

> On second thought, she thought against it. When Gohan was ready,

> he'd let him know.


> Probably with a well placed 'Solar Flare', she mused to herself.

MARY JO: Or a far less fancy, far more effective "Punch In The

> She looked up at the ceiling of the Great Hall as she entered and

> frowned. The sky outside had turned a menacing grey. It didn't

> bode well for her Quidditch practise that evening. She'd managed

> to make chaser for the team, and was looking very forward to

> having it out with Usagi on the pitch. Theirs was the next game.

JOEL : Which is still going on in the face of a potential mass
soul stealing?
FRANK : What can you say? They love their sports!

> She sighed and set to work on her lunch. Steak and Kidney pie. She

> wrinkled her nose. What she wouldn't give for a nice helping of

> Sushi with lots of wasabi.

JOSH : All the fuss they made over the Senshi coming to Hogwarts
and they haven't served up a single Japanese dish? The students
from Beuxbaxtons got bouillabaisse, and they were only there a
couple of weeks.

> Looking over at the Gryffindor table, she wasn't surprised to see

> Sailormoon's plate refilling itself already.


> Pig, she thought to herself.

TRACE : An older, more mature Sailor Mars, folks.

> One day her eyes are really going to turn out to be bigger than

> her stomach...that's a frightening prospect. She looked over

> towards the Ravenclaw table. Mercury reading something...again.

> Not so unusual.

MARY JO: One might even say "cliché", if one felt like being mean.

> Over to the Hufflepuff table. The three outers were talking. That

> wasn't unusual, either. They usually kept to themselves, even when

> with the inners.

FRANK : [Rei] I still love those stuck-up bitches.

> She sighed and glanced around her table. Greg and Victor were

> talking amongst themselves. Something about eating death. She

> didn't want to know.

JOEL : [Rei] Meh. That probably won't be important later.

> Draco, of course, was complaining about his favourite subject:

> Gohan. He seemed to have enlisted Zabini Blaise in his cause. The

> two were now trying to think up a fool-proof method of getting

> Gohan out of the way once and for all.

TRACE : Kudos for avoiding Blaise female here. But still: "Zabini

> Mars sighed and put her fork down, letting her mind wander back to

> the youma. No attacks lately, but she was sure that wasn't the end

> of it. Youmas like that didn't just give up. They waited for a

> better opportunity. And all the Senshi could do in the mean time

> was wait.

JOSH : "Screw our friends and classmates she's holding captive
(and Peeves)," I guess.

> It wasn't their favourite thing to do, but what choice did they

> have?

MARY JO: Use the information you already have to go back and finish
her before she has a chance to prepare? Set up a trap at Hogwarts?
Work on figuring out some sort of protection? Again: That's a lot
of "what else."

> She mentally checked over her schedule. She was free until later

> that afternoon, when she'd have to the divination thing. She

> groaned inwardly. Crystal balls and tea leaves? She'd begged

> Professor Trelawney to let her have a go in the fire, but the

> Professor had rather haughtily informed her that she was not up to

> the level of fire scrying yet. After what she'd heard about

> Pluto's episode with the dim witted teacher, Mars had declined

> comment, though Mercury was having a fit of the giggles at the

> time.

JOEL : So just telling her what you can do and offering to
demonstrate... That's not an option?
FRANK : "If you can't be a bitch, be silent," I guess.

> Now she wondered if she could convince her housemates to let her

> use the fire in the commonroom. It was worth a shot.

TRACE : And it took you how long to think of this?
MARY JO: I thought of it back in Chapter Six!

> She got up abruptly and began to walk off. Malfoy tagged after

> her.

FRANK : [Malfoy] LOVE ME?

> "Where are you going?" he asked.


> "Back to the common room," she said, heading down into the

> dungeons. She stopped by the stone wall.


> "Parseltongue" she said and a section of the wall slid back to

> reveal the commonroom. She quickly headed to her dormitory.

JOSH : This is feeling more and more like a porn set up.

> "Take off your shoes if you're going to be here," she called down

> over her shoulder. Draco did so, and was surprised to see Rei come

> back down the stairs, as a Shinto priestess and carrying all the

> necessary amenities she'd brought with her. Placing the prayer

> sticks nest to the roaring fire, she began to bless the fore.

> Draco sat off to one side and watched curiously.

MARY JO: She had all her gear with her, and it still took her this
long to use it?
TRACE : They're not exactly a team of Sherlocks

> She began to chant in Japanese, and after a few moments, her eyes

> flew open. She gazed into the fire intently. Draco, naturally,

> looked too. All he could see were the dancing flames, but Rei

> seemed to be able to see more,

JOEL : [Draco] Umm... Should I have taken some mind-altering
substance first?

> as her eyes widened and she gasped. She stood and looked to the

> fire for reconfirmation. It was given, and she ran back upstairs.

> Coming back down as Sailormars, dressed in Hogwarts robes, she

> rushed out of the commonroom, Draco not very far behind.


> "What is it?" he panted. "What's wrong?"

FRANK : And why did you have to go back upstairs to transform?
Did you not bring your henshin stick down with you?
TRACE : Probably didn't want Draco watching her get all naked and

> "The youma," Mars panted. "it's about to attack again!"

JOSH : [Draco] You needed all that set up for that? That's like
Trelawney going into her trance and telling me Potter's going to
hex me!

> She reached the Great Hall just as a shriek filled the hall. She

> pushed her way past the gathered spectators and over to where the

> commotion was-the Gryffindor table. Sailormoon was holding the

> newest victim, her normally red eyes filled with the blue light.


> The youma had claimed Chibimoon.

MARY JO: And the readers respond with a confused "...Ehn?"

> "If only I'd thought of a fire reading sooner," Mars held her

> head and Sailormoon hugged her.


> "It's not your fault," she told her yet again. "Don't worry. She's

> not getting away with this. We're not going to let her."

JOEL : [Moon] I mean, sure; if we'd gone after her as soon as
Gohan recovered, she probably couldn't have gotten her... Yeah,
this pretty much is your fault! Thanks for admitting that!

> Draco was paler than usual. Chibimoon had been taken. He felt that

> he somehow had to do something.

FRANK : We should DO something!
JOSH : SHOULD We do something?

> The Senshi, Harry, Ron and Hermione had begun discussing what was

> to be done. Harry, Ron and Hermione had evidently gone with them

> when they'd first encountered the-what was the word they had used?

> Youma? As they spoke, a resolution formed in Draco's mind that

> pushed out all other thoughts-even his hatred for Potter and

> Gohan. He squared his shoulders and looked straight into

> Sailormoon's eyes.


> "I'm coming with you." He said.

TRACE : [Harry] No you aren't. Go away before we pants you.

> The senshi were pleading with Dumbledore to let them go to

> Hogsmeade when there was a commotion outside his door and a horde

> of angry Samurai and one very, very angry Earth's Special Forces

> member burst in, followed closely by a bellowing Snape.

MARY JO: And Snape just follows them without zapping a single one
of them?
JOEL : It's official: That's a Snape-like construct.

> "I demand that you all leave immediately!" He bellowed, probably

> not for the first time. Gohan turned on Snape.

TRACE : [Snape, nervously] Umm... Please?

> "I'm not going anywhere until I get back Usa-ko!" he said

> fiercely. Snape tried to stare the half-sayajin down. Gohan's tail

> twitched

FRANK : "And why," he asked, knowing full well what the answer was
"does Gohan still have his tail?"
TRACE : Class?
ALL : "Because!"

> and Seiji grasped his shoulder gently, but firmly.

FRANK : "Gentle pressure!"
TRACE : "Gentle pressure."

> He turned to Dumbledore.


> "We need to go. And we need them," he said, motioning to the girls

> and students. Dumbledore sighed.


> "I was afraid of that," he said softly. He sighed.

JOSH : And then he Stupefied them all, locked them in a room and
called for all the Aurors he could apparate to go after Crystal
Lady. Or at least that's what the real Dumbledore would do.

> "You'll find the Astronomy tower ideal for your teleport," he said

> after a moment. "I wish you all the very best success on this

> venture."

JOEL : [Moon] So... No back-up? No magical weapons that might
come in handy? No call for volunteers to help rescue their
classmates? No going yourself, Gandalf the Gay?
TRACE : [Dumbledore] Nope! This is your show. Voldemort shows
up? Got your back. Otherwise, Vaya con dios!

> Sailormoon smiled grimly. "We'll be back. You'll know we've

> defeated the Youma when the victims recover."


> Dumbledore nodded and stood, motioning for Snape to move out of

> the doorway. After the determined group had departed, Snape

> frowned.


> "Now what?" he snapped. Dumbledore looked at him sadly.


> "Now we go to the hospital wing and wait. Classes, of course, are

> out of the question."

MARY JO: But you were going to allow a Quidditch game where most of
the student body would be in one place, ripe for the picking, riper
still for a panicked stampede when someone did get got?
FRANK : [Dumbledore] Meh. Japanese monster, Japanese problem.
Who's up for chess?

> This time the four Hogwarts students were instructed to join hands

> in the centre of the teleport as the Senshi, Samurais and warrior

> did so. Seiji took a deep breath.


> "Everyone ready?" he asked.


> "Ready!" everyone chorused. Sailorvenus, as leader of the senshi,

> took the initiative.


> "Sailor Teleport!" she yelled. Columns of light went up from the

> assembled rescuers, space warped and they were gone.

TRACE : Once again, leaving behind a literal castle-full of
experienced magic users. Sad part is, this isn't out of character.

> She awoke, feeling slightly detached. She looked around her and

> saw...Colin? Ginny?


> Kami-sama, no... It couldn't be...

JOEL : [Chibi-Usa] Damn. Another Ecstasy blackout.

> The musical laughter filled her crystal, and she knew she was. She

> had been taken by the Youma.


> Funny, she hadn't really know it was happening. One moment she was

> chatting away about what Professor Flitwick had been discussing in

> Charms, the next she'd sort of woken up and found herself here.

> The youma appeared before her.


> "Such fine energy you have," she said softly. "If the rest of your

> companions are as suitable as you are, I may have no need for the

> little morsels."


> Chibimoon gasped. "You can't!" she yelled.

FRANK : Can't WHAT? Is anyone going to explain anything EVER?
JOSH : Oh for a good ol' Bond Villain monologue.

> Her voice sounded little more than like a faint echo of her real

> one. The youma grinned.


> "I can. And I most certainly will."

MARY JO: [Youma] Do ill-defined things to your spirit for vaguely
evil purposes! MUAH-HA-HA-HA!

> Venus landed the group of warriors and frowned.


> "She's expecting us," she murmured.

ALL : [sarcastically] NOOOO!

> "'We haven't been attacked yet."

TRACE : You're not that bright, are you?

> Rajura shuddered. Used to being the one doing the baiting, he

> wasn't sure he was comfortable with being the one baited. He had

> to remember to commend the Troopers on their fine jobs of

> defeating him in the face of this unnerving torture time after

> time. Mercury's hand was flying over the keyboard of her mini data

> computer.


> "This way," she said, motioning more or less towards the centre of

> the plain, where the crystal tower stood. Hermione frowned.


> "Wait," she said. "We need to keep as close together as we can. We

> don't want what happened last time to happen again."

JOEL : Wouldn't staying close like that make getting captured
again easier?
FRANK : You hush with that logic right now, Hodgeson!

> Agreements were murmured,

ALL : Rhubarb! Rhubarb! Weregonnadie rhubarb!

> but the statement had made Draco uneasy. What had happened last

> time?

MARY JO: Our heroes took a body blow and ran like sissies, that's

> He frowned and kept relatively close to Sailormars, the only

> Senshi he truly knew. Mercury's visor showed something approaching

> them. She turned around and saw something glittering and coming

> towards them.


> "Watch out!" she yelled. Everyone began to run, but the crystal,

> for that's what it was, was faster than that. It somehow managed

> to sweep them all up and it took off for the tower.

FRANK : Everybody: Hands to forehead aaaand...

> Phasing through the crystalline wall, the crystal deposited them

> on the floor before a clear throne. The iridescent blue light

> filled the vicinity of the throne and the youma appeared, smiling

> quite evilly.


> "Welcome back," she said. Draco shivered at her voice. And he'd

> thought that the thought of Voldemort was scary. He'd never be

> afraid of Death Eaters after this.


> "Are you ready to give in now? Just think of it," she said softly.

> "You could be part of something far greater than yourselves, and

> part of an eternal peace. Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

JOSH : [Mercury] Still don't know what the hell you mean!

> "I doubt it!" Jupiter shouted.


> "We don't want to be a part of anything you have to offer!"

> Hermione added forcefully. The woman grinned and presented the

> crystal with Chibimoon.


> "Usa-ko!"


> "Chibimoon!" The two cries of desperation rang from Gohan and

> Draco.

TRACE : And Gohan goes Super Saiyan and annihilates Whatsherface,
right? RIGHT?!

> Chibimoon pounded weakly on her enclosure. Help me, she mouthed.

> Sailormoon gasped and turned to the youma.


> "Let her go! I'm warning you," she said, taking out her Moon

> Kaleidoscope. Nikumu no Suishou laughed.

FRANK : Nine chapters, folks, and that's the second time we've
seen the Big Bad's name.

> "You must be joking."


> "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" Sailormoon yelled, as other attacks

> such as


> "Mars. Flame Sniper!"


> "Mercury. Aqua Rhapsody!"


> "Venus! Love and Beauty Shock!"


> "Jupiter! Oak Evolution!"


> "Morning Star Strike!"


> "Flare Up Now!"


> "Thunder Bolt Cut!"


> "Arrow Shock Wave!"


> "Super Wave Smasher!"

JOEL : Bobby!
MARY JO: Annette!
FRANK : Cubby!
JOSH : Karen!
TRACE : Cornjob!

> rang out as well.


> The attacks hit her dead on and were just as quickly drained away.

> A collective gasp went up as Suishou's laugh rang out.

JOSH : Uh-oh! She's turned on God Mode!

> "Is that all?" she asked with amusement. Hermione drew herself up.


> "Come on. Let's have a go. Finite Incatatem!" she yelled, Harry

> Ron and Draco following suit. The spell, this time, had no effect

> however. Instead, Hermione felt the power begin to drain out of

> her and she quickly stopped the spell.


> "Space Sword-"


> "Iie!" Touma yelled. "Uranus, don't! She'll drain you through your

> talisman!"

JOEL : Yoo-hoo! Gohan, buddy! It's "Go Punch The Evil Lady"

> Uranus stopped mid attack, realising he was right. Suishou laughed

> evilly.


> "Well, if that's all you have, then I suppose we'd better dispense

> with the formalities, hmm?"

MARY JO: And then Gohan zips behind her and punches her into dust!

> With that, each person was encased in their own bubble. Suishou

> grinned.

MARY JO: [sighing] Or we can do this again.

> "Which one shall I pick? Such a difficult decision..." she mused.

> Her eyes locked on Sailorneptune and she grinned, her eyes turning

> the pure iridescent blue. Sailorneptune shuddered and dropped to

> her knees, quickly seeming to lose all of her strength. Uranus

> banged on her own bubble, in a futile attempt to get at her

> companion. She remembered what had happened the last time someone

> had turned on Suishou as she was draining someone. Wait a

> second...perhaps... she took out her wand, hoping beyond all hope

> that this would work.


> "Amorus!" she yelled, activating her wand and performing the

> Lovely Feeling charm on the youma. The youma laughed and Uranus

> felt herself begin to drain.


> "All the better, to give yourself to me so willingly..."


> Hermione gasped. She understood. So did Mercury,

JOEL : Mind explaining to us, your readers?

> and the two of them both did their own favourite spells. Suishou

> laughed outright and greedily began to drain them.


> "Yes," she whispered. "Give in..."


> "What are you doing?" Touma yelled in Japanese.

JOSH : "Seriously!" Josh agreed in English.

> "Maybe we can do to her what she did to Gohan. Let her know that

> her eyes are bigger than her stomach!" Mercury yelled back. Touma

> grinned. Devious and beautiful. No wonder he loved her. He

> activated his chi, and watched all the other Samurai do the same.

> Draco took a deep breath. He was scared. But Chibimoon's life was

> at stake.


> "Stupefy!" he yelled, and felt himself begin to drain as well.

> Harry and Ron joined in, and suddenly Suishou's face began to

> contort.


> "No," she murmured. "Stop it, some of you... please..."

TRACE : And what's stopping her from just releasing some of them
and draining the rest? Bond brand Villain Stupidity!
FRANK : Bond Brand: When style trumps logic!

> "Keep going!" Sailormoon yelled, activating her Ginzuishou. It

> burned with a white light, casting a silver glow over everything.

> Chibimoon gasped, realising what was going on, and wished she

> could help. Now the blue light began to fill Suishou's body, her

> face was contorted with pain.


> "No!" she yelled. "Stop!"

MARY JO: What? You don't have an off switch? *You* stop!

> Sailormoon stood in her bubble, her face set.


> All the steps we take, all the moves we make, all the pain at

> stake.


> I see the Chaos for everyone, who are we, what can we do?

JOEL : Are those song lyrics!
TRACE : We've got theme music, people!

> "You have been draining innocent people of their essence,

JOSH : [Moon] And Peeves, I suppose...

> taking them away from their family and friends. I will not forgive

> it!


> "For love and justice, Pretty soldier in a Sailor Suit,

> Sailormoon! In the name of the moon," the Ginzuishou glowed

> brighter, making Suishou yell out in greater agony. "You're

> punished!"


> You and I are the same in the way that we have our own styles that

> we won't change.


> Yours is filled with evil and mine's not, there is no way I can

> lose.

TRACE : Again - not strictly true.

> Mars' smiled grimly. Time to deliver the final blow and restore

> the drained people, including Chibiusa.


> "Mars Crystal Power!" She yelled. The other Senshi looked at her,

> then smiled.


> "Jupiter Crystal Power!"


> "Mercury Crystal Power!"


> "Venus Crystal Power!"


> "Uranus Crystal Power!"


> "Neptune Crystal Power!"


> "Pluto Crystal Power!"


> Suishou, who had been screaming for them to stop, now seemed to be

> breaking up. But she still had enough mobility to look up in

> hatred at Sailormoon.


> "I'll kill you!" she gasped.


> Can't hold on much longer-But I will never let go.


> I know it's a one way track-don't know how long this'll last.

JOEL : Just got the weirdest sense of deja vu, there...

> "Guys!" Seiji yelled over the din. "We need to try to create

> Hariel!"


> "Will it work from here??" Shin asked in disbelief.

JOSH : [Shin] By the way – da’ hell's "Hariel?"

> Seiji shook his head.


> "We don't have any choice. It's either Hariel or watch Usagi get

> destroyed! She can't hold off that thing forever!"


> Ryo grinned. He'd always preferred action.


> "Ready!" he said, standing. The other Samurais stood also.


> "He closed his eyes and called on Hariel of the inferno....but

> didn't feel the familiar sensation of powers merging into him. He

> sighed.

MARY JO: Look, if you meant the Inferno Armor, SAY "the Inferno
Armor!" Not all of us are down with the original Japanese!

> "It's no good. I can't get you guys with these-things around us!"


> Seiji punched his bubble in frustration. It was all up to the

> Senshi and students now.

TRACE : [in disbelief] I think they actually forgot Gohan is
JOEL : For that matter: Didn't Tuxedo Mask come with them,

> I'm not gonna think this way-nor will I count on others.


> Close my eyes and feel it burn-now I see what I've gotta do.


> Open your heart it's gonna be alright.


> "Harry!" Draco yelled. "Use that thing you used on me a couple of

> years back!"


> "Huh?" Harry said, confused.

JOSH : [Harry] Look, that was just that one time, and we were
both drunk...

> "A Patronum!" Draco yelled desperately. "Use a Patronum!"

FRANK : That's "a Patron*us*," thank you!

> Harry's eyes widened. That just might do it. He drew himself up

> and focused on a very happy memory. Winning the Quidditch game

> with Sailormoon.


> "Expecto Patronum!" He yelled, sending his silver stag out-but

> only as far as his bubble. It was enough, however, as Suishou

> stopped her assault on Sailormoon, clutched her sides and gave one

> last, horrible scream before shattering to pieces.

JOEL : She exploded like Samus!

> The Bubbled promptly disappeared, and everyone landed, safe and

> sound. Chibimoon smiled as she disappeared. Gohan smiled,

> relieved,

TRACE : [Gohan] The day is saved and I didn't have to lift a
finger. Heh-heh! Damn, I'm good!

> whereas Draco was frantic.


> "Where did she go? Where did she go? Where-"


> Hermione had grabbed Draco by the shoulders and shaken him, while

> Ron had muttered something about how he would have stomped on his

> foot. After shooting Ron a look, she turned back to Draco,

> smiling.


> "That was only a shadow of Chibimoon. She's back where she

> belongs, in Hogwarts with the rest of the victims."

MARY JO: [Hermione] I think. I hope.

> A low rumbling filled the air and fine fractures began to form in

> the floor. Rajura frowned.

FRANK : [Rajura] Crap! A load-bearing villain!

> "And we'd better get out of here before this place breaks up

> completely."


> "Agreed," Venus said. "Okay. Everyone, time for a teleport!"


> Everyone got into position.


> "Sailor Teleport!" Venus yelled, and once again, and for the last

> time, they were gone.

JOEL : All that build up and the bad guy turns out to be a giant
blue underwear gnome!
JOEL : You know: "Step one: Steal Energy, Step two: o/~??, Step
three: Profit!"

> The Senshi, Troopers, Students and warrior stormed into the

> hospital wing to see Madam Pomfrey feeding all the victims

> chocolate-except for Peeves, who was bouncing off of the walls.

> Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall were all in the wing, and all

> smiled in relief as the group of rescuers entered the room.

JOSH : [Dumbledore] You made it back after all? Excellent!
[muttering] There's fifty galleons down the drain...

> "I take it is done?" Dumbledore asked. Sailormoon and Harry both

> nodded wordlessly. Chibimoon looked up and flung herself out of

> bed before anyone could stop her. She first hugged Gohan, who

> kissed her softly. She then, to everyone's immense surprise,

> hugged Draco, who's normally pale face flushed brilliant scarlet.

> She kissed him on the cheek.

FRANK : And he immediately needed fresh pants.
JOSH : Eww!

> "Thank you, Draco," she said softly. Then she went around saying

> hi to all of her other friends.

MARY JO: She's awake for ten seconds and already she's back to

> Collin rushed up to Harry, saying how glad he was to see him and

> the first chance he wanted, he wanted a picture,

JOEL : He's always going to be "Harry's Fanboy" isn't he?
TRACE : It's better than the way he ends up in Book 7, anyway.

> whereas Ginny had run up to Ron and was sobbing in his arms.

JOSH : [Ron] Bloody hell, sis! Everybody else bounced off all
happy! Why can't you shrug off your soul-napping like they did?

> Dumbledore smiled.


> "I think some rewards are in order, hmm?" He glanced at the two

> heads of houses. McGonagall smiled.


> "Fifty points to each house," she said proudly and everyone

> beamed.

FRANK : [McGonagall] For doing our jobs for us!

> Snape frowned, seemed to be thinking something over. Finally he

> sighed.


> "Another Fifty to each house," he added and Peeves actually fell

> out of the air in shock. Dumbledore grinned. "And I add another

> fifty for each person from each house involved.

JOEL : Which subtlely screws over Slytherin, again.
JOSH : Ravenclaw only had the one Senshi, too.
JOEL : Collateral damage in the war against the snakes.

> I think Madam Pomfrey would like her students to get some rest,"

> he said, seeing the look on her face. He ushered the assembled

> group of rescuers and smiled.


> "You all did a fine job. Now, though, I'm afraid it's time for our

> students to be off to bed."


> Sailormoon proved his point by letting out a yawn, then she

> smiled.


> "Konban wa, Sensei." She said in Japanese. Dumbledore smiled.


> "Konban wa, Usagi-san," he said before walking off. Everyone else

> stared after him in shock. How had he known-

TRACE : How did he know what? Your name? Japanese? The correct
honorific? Seriously, story - what the hell?!

> "It's too late to contemplate how Dumbledore knows anything he

> shouldn't," Draco told everybody. "Let's all go to bed and we'll

> head off the rumour mill in the morning."


> This was agreed and everyone went to sleep, finally able to sleep

> a night as normal Hogwarts students.

MARY JO: Excluding the six that weren't of course.

> To Be Continued...

FRANK : Is that a promise or a threat?
JOSH : Yes.

> A/N Don't flame me, please!

JOEL : You can't tell me what to do, man!

> This fic will be finished in another fic called "The Ultimate

> Decision".

TRACE : Shenanigans! I call Shenanigans!

> I've already started it, so don't worry. Nothing of import is

> going to happen that I won't show in the next fic. The Quidditch

> Cup, The House Cup, and then off for some serious thinking. What

> am I talking about? You'll see. Just wait for

> it...waaaaaiiiiiiiitt for it... I'll put up the first chapter in a

> couple of days! I promise!!

FRANK : Oooh, if you were here, I'd give you such a pinch!

> ~*Hoshiko Usagi*~

MARY JO: Good! Now I know which name to write on the voodoo doll!
JOEL : So basically that was a nine-chapter ball of "My Favorite
Characters Hanging Out With Harry Potter."
TRACE : Would've been a more honest title! Now, who's up for
loading big heaps of Japanese food from the commissary and setting
it all on fire?
JOSH : I'm in!
FRANK : Dibs on the sushi!

[All file out, with Joel inserting the disk into the lowered "Time

My name is Freezer and my anti-drug is porn.
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