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Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Broken Flowers'- english) Gebrochene Blüten 205th episode 19x5 Tatort TV-Series 1970 - [message #411181] Thu, 23 September 2021 16:36
Originally posted by: bruce bowser

STORY LINE (in english):
'In a Duisburg city bus, the dance instructor named 'Prinz'' is supposedly the 'victim of a knife fight.'  

Duisburg police senior commissioner Horst Schimanski finds Prinz's wife Manuela at a bus stop nearby.  Manuela Prinz is obviously in shock, so Schimanski accompanies her home. The interrogated witnesses unanimously state that the perpetrator looked foreign.  The man' is able to 'be identified quickly as an occupier of a rented apartment.. 

Searching for the man at his apartment, there is no answer at the door, so 'Schimanski and' senior commissioner Christian Thanner both break in the door and 'find a man' inside 'with a bullet wound to the head and a gun nearby.  They think he is from Thailand and the murder weapon nearby, and 'a long knife with which the stabbing victim' now 'named Albert 'Prinz was stabbed' is also' found 'there.

Possibly, the police believe that 'the Thai' man 'killed himself with a P1 that came from the Bundeswehr' military stockade 'in Wasserburg and was used in a bank robbery many years ago.  Two telephone numbers can be found' near 'the dead person' from Thailand.  'One number belongs to Manuela Prinz and the other to' a company called' Atlantis, Ltd.  

Later, 'the autopsy carried out shows that the' man from Thailand 'did not commit suicide, but was murdered.  

The following night, Manuela asked Schimanski to come' over to her place, 'as she ' said that she 'felt persecuted and threatened.  When she receives a phone call from a stranger who wants to meet her, she arranges to meet the stranger at Schimanski's urging.  When Schimanski searches Prinz's safe, he finds papers from Thai women who have been smuggled in.  

The next day, Schimanski, Thanner and' another senior commissioner 'named Hänschen (short for: Hans Scherpenzeel van Maaskant-Schoutens) shadow the wired Manuela when they meet the unknown caller.'  They listen in on conversations Manuela are having and take pictures around her and who talks to her.  One of them, a 'stranger is a Mr. Blatzer, who hands over Manuela's documents to another unknown man,' as they chase him on trains and through streets.

'This stranger' named Blatzer 'is watched by Thanner' as he eats dinner with his pals and as they are watching 'young girls performing as a dance troupe' called the Broken Blossoms', be 'picked up from the airport' at a certain time '(as mentioned in a letter to Albert Prinz found in the vault) and' they 'cleverly let them disappear before Thanner' and Hänschen's eyes', though they drive around trying to find them in a now empty van that they were in.  

In fact, however, it is a question of foreign girls who are to be added to the red light scene. 

Schimanski, who is' trying to follow 'Blatzer' and his friends,'is led astray by him at a freight yard and is beaten up by Blatzer and a friend.'

Later, he angrily 'has Albert Prinz's studio searched, because he suspects that Manuela had tricked him and is in league with the girl dealer ring' and has and embarrassing fall on his way out.  

The detectives' make several other arrests besides her and a Thai lady during questioning 'whose testimony confirms that Prinz took them to Germany under false promises, where they then had to work in the red light district.  She even identifies Blatzer as being someone else named "Willi".

Manuela's attempt to convince Schimanski that she has nothing to do with the girl trafficking ends with her seducing the investigator ' over drinks and cigarettes. 

'A computer query the next day reveals that' this so-called 'Blatzer' without a doubt has a false name and he 'is really Willi Kozlowski and' he is renting from someone named "Lausen" and the real 'Manuela Prinz has been dead since August 4, 1981.  'Schimanski confronts Manuela with these new findings, whereupon at her dance hall, she 'claims she admits to having taken over the papers from Albert 'Prinz's wife.' and she was to be called “Susanne Burger” and to come from Wasserburg' and her husband: Hans Peter Burger. 

'But first of all, the officials take it' up to 'the “pimp paradise” of Kozlowski, who when' later 'brought in to the police station denies the murder of the Thai man when he is questioned.

In the investigation carried out in Wasserburg, Manuela's true identity is revealed, but the photo is incorrect. In the police station in Wasserburg there is a wanted' bank robbery 'poster showing Manuela, who is wanted in connection with a bank robbery with a P1 as a murder weapon. 

When Thanner and Schimanski want to arrest Manuela back in Duisburg, she asks to be allowed to talk to Schimanski in private. She threatens him with a gun while telling him that the Thai man killed her husband in revenge for' harming his 'girlfriend and then tried to extort money from her, so' 'she saw no other option but to kill him'.  She then brings out a gun.  "You have no chance" Schimanski says to her.  She shoots the gun off into the distance at nothing, for some reason.  Thanner and Hänschen hear this and then try to open the locked door and run around to find another way in. 'Eventually, Schimanski manages to get Manuela to give up as she complains about extortion and her red-light experiences and she says that she: "finally wants to be free" and "to have no more fear".

But, when they hug each other and then Manuela playfully puts the gun to his neck, Thanner shoots her from the window.'  Its then found by Hänschen that her gun wasn't loaded.

Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
      (see: 'Main article: List of crime scene episodes')
Book by Martin Gies
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