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A couple of times I thought I would like the sub better [message #359298] Thu, 21 December 2017 21:08
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I greatly prefer English-dubbed anime, and the reason is pretty simple.
One (English-dubbed) is understanding it through hearing it, and the
other is understanding it through reading it (English-subbed), and for
this particular medium I I find understanding it by hearing is more
enjoyable. When reading a novel, like "The Wheel of Time," for me it is
more enjoyable understanding it by reading, otherwise I would just turn
on the text-to-speech or order from

That being said, I can probably very easily quite a few shows that I
count among my favorites that don't even have an English-dub, at least
to my knowledge, but I will just talk about one in specific, the "Pretty
Cure" series.

By far, my favorite entry out of that is "Splash Star" (I am still
trying to decide if that makes it my favorite magical girl show or not).
I really like the original as well, in both subbed and dubbed form.

As for the others, I have not ranked them, but I have sort of grouped
them. The 1st group is shows that I really like and have rewatched
several times. The 2nd is ones that I liked and watched to the end, but
have not rewatched (at least as far as I can remember), and have no
plans to rewatch. The 3rd is ones that just didn't hold my interest
past 2 or 3 episodes.

"Splash Star" and the original are in the 1st group. "Max Heart" is
sort of hovering between the 1st and 2nd groups, as I think I rewatched
part of it once, and might again if the spirit moves me to do so.
"Heartcatch," "Suite," (I think that was the title, the "music-themed"
one), and "Smile" (the one one that was dubbed with the title "Glitter
Force"). The others, at least as far as I can recall, go in the 3rd group.

Well anyway, my point is that my favorite is one that is not dubbed,
though I suppose at one time, somebody was toying with the idea of
dubbing it, because there is a dubbed scene that is on, or at least used
to be on YouTube (though that might be a fan-dubbed scene or there might
be a dub of "Splash Star" that I do not know about).

As for the ones that do have a dub, the original would be my second
favorite with or without a dub, and the "Smile" is in the second group
although it has a dub. If the others were dubbed, I would probably be
interested in seeing the dub, but that would probably not move them out
of the 2nd group.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, and care, here is an
article that talks about the series:

Enough of that digression, and on to my main point about when I thought
I might like the sub better.

Some years ago, when CN was showing "Super Milk Chan," they were airing
it very late on whatever night they were airing it. I decided that I
would stay up and watch it. I do not remember liking it that much, and
was not inspired to stay up late and watch it the next week. In fact, I
remember only liking 2 things: the theme song was "catchy," and Hillary
Haag is my favorite anime-dub-girl. I really do not know why I thought
I might like the sub better, because the would only have 1 element that
I liked, the catchy theme song, and not the other, Hillary Haag.

I also remember watching the 10 or so(?) (wikipedia seems to indicate
that just 1 episode was shown, but I seem to remember watching more than
one) "Eyeshield 21" episodes on the short-lived Toonami Jetstream
streaming service. I thought it was OK, nothing great, just OK.
Obviously CN was not interested in moving it to their TV channel after
Jetstream shut down, because as I understand it only 10 or so episodes
were even dubbed.

Some years later, I read that the first dubbed episode consisted of the
1st 3 "real" episodes sort of edited together. The article did not say
why this was done, at least to my recollection, but I suspect that it
was because CN wanted the 145 episodes cut down to 50 or so, and that
would bascally mean that every 3 episodes of the original show would
need to be cut down to 1 dubbed episode.

I thought I might like the subbed episodes better in that they at least
tell a more consistent, non cut-up story. No such luck, when I found
and watched the sub of the series on Crunchyroll, it only held my
interest for at most 1-2 episodes. Maybe I am just not enough of a
"sports anime" fan.

Another time I looked up the dubbed version of the anime version of The
Powerpuff Girls (PPGZ, I think) on YouTube, and well, bleech. I thought
I might like the subbed version better, so I looked that up as well. I
might have disliked it a little bit less, but I do not remember liking
that either.

Just 3 times I thought I might like the subbed version of a show better
than the dubbed version.

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not be seen for probably several months, if it is seen at all.
Brian Christiansen
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