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KERMIT list [message #115053] Wed, 18 September 2013 16:42
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Message-ID: <20300027@okstate.UUCP>
Date: Sun, 17-Feb-85 19:08:00 EST
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Posted: Sun Feb 17 19:08:00 1985
Date-Received: Fri, 22-Feb-85 10:06:36 EST
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Nf-From: okstate!gregg    Feb 17 18:08:00 1985

    As a matter of fact, Columbia University, as well as Oklahoma State
University have KERMIT available for the following systems.  The only
catch is that you must have either FTP or UUCP capabilities.

[Taken from the Columbia University Distribution Information]

-- "mainframes" --

      Prefix    Machine(s)             Operating System      Language

        170     Cyber 170              NOS                   Fortran-77
        20      DECSYSTEM-20           TOPS-20               MACRO-20
        AOS     Data General           AOS                   Ratfor
        CK      VAX, etc               Berkeley Unix 4.2     C
        CMS     IBM 370 Series         VM/CMS                IBM Assembler
        CR      Cray-1, Cray-XMP       CTSS                  Fortran-77
        H8      Harris 800             VOS                   Pascal, Assembler
        HG      Honeywell DPS 8, 66    GCOS3 or 8            C
        HPM     Hewlett-Packard 1000   RTE                   Fortran
        IMU     IBM 370 Series         MUSIC                 Assembler
        K10	    DECsystem-10           TOPS-10               MACRO-10
        K11     PDP-11                 RSX11,RSTS/E,RT11,TSX MACRO-11
        MP      PDP-11                 MUMPS (M/11)          MUMPS
        MTS     IBM 370 Series         MTS                   Assembler, Pascal
        MU      Honewyell              MULTICS               PL/I
        PRI     PRIME                  PRIMOS                PL/P (PL/I)
        RDOS    Data General Nova      RDOS                  Fortran
        ST      HP3000, Univac, etc    Software Tools        Ratfor
        TAN     Tandem                 Nonstop               TAL
        TSO     IBM 370-series         MVS/TSO               Assembler
        UN      Sperry/Univac-1100     EXEC                  Assembler
        VMS     VAX                    VMS                   Bliss-32

-- "micros" --

        800     Luxor ABC-800          ABCDOS                BASIC-II
        86      CP/M-86 Kermit sources CP/M-86               ASM86
        APC     NEC APC binaries       CP/M-86               ASM86
        APO     Apollo                 Aegis                 Fortran
        APP     Apple II 6502          Apple DOS             DEC-10/20 CROSS
        ATA     Atari Home Computer    DOS                   Action!
        C64     Commodore 64           DOS                   CROSS or FORTH
        CPM     8080, 8085, or Z80     CP/M-80               ASM
        HL6     Honeywell L6/10        MS-DOS                MASM
        HP1     HP-150                 MS0DOS                HP-150
        HP9     HP-98xx                UCSD p-System         HP Pascal
        K11     DEC Pro-350            P/OS, Pro/RT          Macro-11
        MC1     Apple Macintosh                              C (SUMACC)
        MDS     Intel Development System ISIS                PL/M
        MS      Various                MS-DOS or PC-DOS      MASM
       	PC      IBM PC or Zenith Z100  PC DOS, MS DOS        MASM
        PQ      ICL/3 Rivers PERQ      PERQ OS               Pascal
        PRO     DEC Professional-350   P/OS                  Bliss
        RBK     Rainbow binaries       CP/M-86               ASM86 
        SIR     Sirius-1               MS DOS                MASM
        SEE     Seequa Chameleon       MS DOS, CP/M-86       MASM
        TA2     Tandy 2000             MS DOS                MASM
        TRS     TRS-80 I and III       MS DOS                Z80 Assembler
        TX4     Tektronix 4170         CP/M-86               ASM86
        UCI     IBM PC                 UCSD p-System IV.x    Pascal
        UCM     Pascal Microengine     UCSD p-System         Pascal
        UCT     Terak 8510a            UCSD p-System II.0    Pascal, Macro-11
        VIC     Sirius 1/Victor 9000   CP/M-86, MS-DOS       ASM86, C

Gregg Wonderly
Department of Computing and Information Sciences
Oklahoma State University

           /|\   UUCP:  {cbosgd, ea, ihnp4, isucs1, mcvax, uokvax}!okstate!gregg
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