Friday, April 13, 2012

Ron Paul finally defeats the Fed in new video game

For Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), 76, the 2012 Republican primaries are probably his last tango with presidential politics. But the aging libertarian will still achieve his life-long dream of crushing the nation’s Federal Reserve banking system… If a Houston-based video game developer is successful, that is.

Daniel Williams, 27, recently published a fundraising appeal for a forthcoming video game based on the candidate’s exploits. With the help of crowd-funding website Kickstarter, he hit the goal of $5,000 within a matter of days, based upon the commitments of just 40 backers as of this story’s publication.

Speaking to Raw Story on Wednesday, Williams said his main inspiration for the game was the 1992 8-bit classic “Krusty’s Fun House,” where Krusty the Clown from “The Simpsons” has to set traps for mice and capture them.

For the Ron Paul game, instead of mice it’s delegates. And he collects gold coins — lots and lots of gold coins — naturally. And who could forget the most epic political video game cover art of all time, featuring candidate Paul and his wife Carol in a “Star Wars”-like pose in front of a giant screeching eagle, the Statue of Liberty and exploding red fireworks?

The game also includes some elements from Sega’s 1991 hit “Sonic the Hedgehog,” along with the boss battles from Konami’s vampire-hunting title “Castlevania.” Williams said the encounters will play into each branch of the Federal Reserve bank, and that there would “definitely” be an “epic” encounter between Paul and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Full article: http://www.rawstory. … d-in-new-video-game/

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