Friday, March 30, 2012

Top 5 – Disney Video Games

Number 5

Brandon’s Pick : Kingdom Hearts

I can still remember reading Game Informer in the Spring of 2002 and thinking this was all some sort of elaborate April Fools prank. I had already been a Final Fantasy fan for about 5 years (since FF7) and a Disney fan since before I can remember. The idea that these characters would interact just blew my mind. The game itself was so new and unlike anything I had ever played before.

Matt’s Pick : Chip & Dales Rescue Rangers

Growing up I was such a huge fan of the rescue rangers. When this game came out I remember begging my parents to get this for me but they wouldn’t unless I got good grades. I never studied so much in my life and it was totally worth it.

Number 4

Brandon’s Pick : Aladdin (Genesis)

I spent so many hours standing in Sears playing this game (back when they used to have consoles set up in the store). The thing I remember the most was the overall look of the game. It really felt like the movie to me. The folks at Virgin Interactive really went the extra mile to add some humor to the game (like Abu running around with a sword on the bonus stage). Plus the music is classic!

Matt’s Pick : Ducktales

What can we say about this game? Great gameplay? Amazing music? Super high replay value? Ducktales has everything one needs to to have a great gaming experience and that is why it made it into my top 5 Disney games.

Number 3

Brandons Pick : Mickey Mania

Long before Warren Spector had even dreamt up Epic Mickey, there was Mickey Mania. Each level is a Throwback to a classic Mickey Adventure and spans over 60 years. Modern Mickey must travel back to enlist the help of other Mickey’s from different eras. It’s still very cool to see a colorful Mickey Mouse against the Black and White background of Steamboat Willie.

Matt’s Pick : Aladdin (SNES)

I love this game! So much better then the genesis version (In my opinion of course…). I remember playing this for the first time and instantly loving it. The movement, music, graphics all were seamless. Not to mention the genie stage is one of the coolest looking levels ever!

Number 2

Brandon’s Pick : Kingdom Hearts II

For the most part I am against using two games from the same franchise on my Top 5. However, both games are so good individually that I felt I had to put both on my list. Plus, the sequels numerous innovations help it to stand on its own. Gameplay is extremely fun and fast paced. Plus, Kingdom Hearts II introduces a variety of new worlds that are even more amazing than the ones featured in the original (The Timeless River, Port Royal , and Space Paranoids).

Matt’s Pick : The Lion King

Favorite Disney movie, second favorite Disney game. There isn’t one thing I dislike about this game. I frequently sing along with the music as I’m playing through the levels and it transports me to pride rock. Amazing game!

Number One

Brandon’s Pick : Ducktales

There is a strong possibility this game might sneak into my Top 5 games of all time. It’s one of those rare, perfect video game gems. While the game is not entirely long, the graphics were amazing, the music was mint, and the gameplay was flawless. Each board is very open with a number of different paths you can take. It encouraged me to explore each stage in order to find all the secrets (and there were a lot of secrets).

Plus, your weapon of choice is a cane. How awesome is that?

Matt’s Pick : Quackshot

Perfection? That’s the best way to describe this game. I’ve beaten this game so many times that I could play it with my eyes closed. Popcorn shot is my favorite weapon! The music in this game is so easy to get stuck in your head that I often find myself humming it at work. It’s just a more updated version of duck tales and for that it’s placed at my number one spot for favorite Disney game of all time.

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